What is this ab-normal growth??

Earlier this week a client of mine was telling me about a recent visit she took to the doctor's office. It was just a routine visit for a check up. She has been very dedicated to her training lately and making a great deal of progress, so she wasn't all that concerned.

During the examination her doctor was feeling around her midsection and felt what appeared to her to be an abnormal growth. The doctor was noticably puzzled and wanted to be sure that there was not something serious going on.

She asked if my client had a history of stomach cancer in her family and she responded that she did. The doctor said that it was probably nothing, but she still wanted to check to be sure.

My client was told not to be alarmed because it was probably nothing, but obviously she was a little concerned. The doctor ordered an MRI and told my client she would be contacted. My client anxiously awaited the results.

About a week later she heard from the physician's assistant. The MRI results did reveal an abnormal-sized growth, but it didn't appear to be anything to be worried about.

It looked like abs. Abnormal-sized abs.

My client was asked if she had been increasing her exercise lately.

She was slightly offended about being asked such a question, but she let them know that she had been training. Training with barbells to be exact.

There was a big sigh of relief from the PA. It was a mix up. There was no tumor. The abnormal growth was just a set of larger-than-normal abdominal muscles. They had been the result of my clients commitment to barbell training.

The 'abs of abnormal growth' were built with a basic barbell program. Squats, presses, and deadlifts. Progressive overload. Consistent training. The basics always provide the best results.

In the doctor's defense she was just being cautious. When my client mentioned she had been training, the doctor responded that she hears that from people all the time. Everybody likes to talk about how hard they are working, but in this case it was more than just talk. The doctor was not familiar with these kind of results.

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