How to Get Back on Track

Summer has officially ended. Kids are back in school and it is time to get back on schedule. My training business has noticed a surge of people coming in to get back on track. Many people, even the most dedicated trainees, seem to fall out of their routine during the summer. Vacations, kids off of school, lazy days, outdoor activities, and plenty of other distractions come up. Training tends to take a back seat to these kind of things for many people.

But it is time to get back on track. There is no perfect time, but now is always a good option.

To help you get back on track I will offer a few suggestions.

First of all, you have to start back up slow. There are plenty of reasons for this. Just take it slow. Start back with light weights. Especially the first week.

Pay very close attention to what you are doing under the bar when you return to training. Be present. Do not think about anything except the lift you are performing. Ask for feedback if you are unsure about technique. You should never rush through a training session, but you have to be extra careful of this after a layoff.

Make a commitment. I just did a post about this a few weeks ago. Read it again. It is simple. You either are serious about training or you are not. Don't waste time unless you are truly dedicated. If training regularly isn't realistic in your life right now, do not pretend that it is. People waste a lot of time doing things half-heartedly. Don't.

Show up. Plan out your workouts. Follow through. The starting point of barbell training is always linear progression. If you have fallen off track you should always start back light and a few pounds each session.

Once you get back into a routine and you have been consistent with your progression for a while, you need to decide on your training goal. Once that is defined you can build a program that will help you reach it.

Getting back on track is really just a matter of deciding to make training a priority. It is something that you have to want to do. Everyone wants the results that come from a good routine, but you have to work for them. Just start where you are and work on getting better.

Decide what you want out of training and start taking the steps necessary to get there.

Sign up for our basic training program if you want help getting on track. Or sign up for one of our upcoming events. We are here to help.

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