Taking Training Into Your Own Hands

Everyone that comes into Black Iron can expect a few simple things. They include the following:

1. You will get significantly stronger.

We know how to build natural strength better than anyone else around.

2. You will learn how to perform the basic compound barbell lifts safely and correctly.

There is a great deal of confusion about how these lifts are done. We can show you.

3. You will learn how to increase strength through basic programming principles.

We run beginners through linear progression because it works well.

We can get you strong. There are a lot of reasons to get stronger. Running a linear progression for 3-6 months and learning the basic lifts correctly is good for you. If you follow our basic program you will get a lot stronger. Most likely you will at least double your strength.

However, after the basic training period you need to take training into your own hands. You really need to start taking it into your own hands even sooner, but you must know what you are training for after you have successfully gotten stronger. All long-term programming decisions are based on knowing what you want out of your training.

We cannot answer those questions for you. We can help provide solutions and training options for just about any training-related goal, but we need to know what the goal is.

If you don't have reason for your training than you are probably not all that motivated to train. Find a reason for what you are doing. There must be some kind of goal in mind that gets you motivated to come to the gym. If you don't get excited about training, especially after the novice phase, than you should probably just find something else to do.

If you want to succeed in training do yourself a favor and take training into you own hands. Ask yourself the hard questions. Don't just keep doing what you have always been doing unless you have a damn good reason for it. Decide what you want to accomplish and get to work. Too many people are mindlessly on auto-pilot going through life doing a whole lot of nothing. I think we can all try a little harder.

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