Traci Kushmaul

Tracy Kussmaul first contacted me at Black Iron Training almost a year ago. She had won a free month of training that I had donated to a volleyball tournament at the school my wife teaches at.

I will admit I get a little nervous in these situation because I am never quite sure what kind of person will walk in my door holding the certificate. But with Tracy I was in luck. Right from the start Tracy had a good attitude, was coachable, and willing to work hard.

These characteristics are essential when it comes to barbell training at my gym.

Just about everyone I work with I start off slow. Tracy was no different. I taught her how to squat, how to press, and how to deadlift. Month after month we have been grinding away. She is dedicated. She rarely misses a training session. I never hear her complain....well maybe about having to Press every other workout, but otherwise she is good.

I have found that very few people are willing to seriously commit to training. Before too long they start making excuses and eventually give up. They don't have enough time, they want to try something else, they are bored, or something else is getting in the way. The real problem is that training is hard, so they quit.

Not Tracy. She just keeps showing up. I can count on one hand how many times she has cancelled without giving me prior notice. Like clockwork I can expect her to roll in Monday, Wednesday, and Friday about the same time every week, and she will be ready to train.

Of course this level of dedication is paying off. She has more than doubled her strength on the squat and the deadlift. Her Press and her Bench Press are also coming around. She is getting strong and also becoming much more fit. Now that she has gotten stronger we include smart conditioning after our heavy barbell work. A few days of the week she is pushing the prowler, doing bike sprints, and circuit training. The results have been great.

Her increased strength and conditioning has had a big impact on the workouts she is able to complete. I enjoy testing her and seeing what she can tolerate. She doesn't let me down.

Traci is building muscle and improving her body composition. She has lost almost 25 pounds. Along with training she is eating better and incorporating healthy food supplementation. This has helped a great deal. You cannot train hard unless you provide the body with the fuel it needs. Tracy has been working hard and it shows.

Tracy is another example of someone following the program. It is simple. Start where you are and slowly make progress. Over time a lot of little changes add up into a major change.

Way to go Tracy!!

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