Just Keep Showing Up

All of my new trainees get excited about making gains. And the gains come steadily in the first few months of training. It is easy to be fired up for going to the gym when you are able to add a few pounds to the bar every session. But it gets a lot harder when the progress slows down......and that's a reality we all have to deal with.

As the novice phase winds down most people lose enthusiasm. The smiles and the excitement of all the PR's is long forgotten and the grind gets to be too much. Without instantaneous feedback it is tough to keep going. At this point a lot of people start coming up with excuses, but really they just don't feel like training anymore.

When the results aren't as noticeable people begin to wonder if the hard work is worth it, so here is a little something for everyone to think about....

In training, and just about everything else in life, there is a principle of compounding interest at work. We may not always be paid back immediately for everything we get done when we get it done, but eventually everything we do is compensated.

We can either put in work or keep making excuses. We all know where making excuses will get us, but where might we wind up if we choose to keep moving forward?

Not all training days are pretty. We may not always hit our numbers, but it is better to train a little than to not train at all. Long-term training is filled with periods of ups and downs. Do not get caught up in them.

We can either show up and train to the best of our ability or we can quit. The answer is obvious. A lot of days we just have to show up.

Black Iron keeps a fairly consistent training schedule because of this fact. Our clients consistently rank having a consistent open training schedule highly on the reasons they train with us. Contact us today if you would like help making a commitment to regular training.

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