An Update on Super-STAR-ya

I wrote an article about Arya a little over six months ago. She has been one of my more dedicated trainees since beginning her journey with the barbell. Arya was the girl who fell down several times on her first day at the gym. Part of it had to do with her being a little uncoordinated and some of it could be linked to her lack of physical strength as a beginner.

The story goes that she went from falling down a bunch of times to running a damn good linear progression and getting a whole lot stronger.

I have told her story to many people who have walked into my gym. Seriously, just ask Arya. She will gladly tell you that she will probably forever be known as the girl who fell down.

Her story provides a very good example for others to follow. Regardless of where you are, you can always get stronger and getting stronger might make a big difference.

So to update her story, I am happy to say that Arya is still training and she has inspired many others to do the same. She shows up for her scheduled sessions like clockwork and tells me she looks forward to her time under the bar. Slowly, she continues to get stronger.

Matt Lanzi, one of our coaching interns, cleverly assigned her a new nickname last week. He called her Super-STARya. It is a fitting nickname.

We all respect the people who quietly show up and put in work. It is really not even about how much weight they lift, but rather the effort and consistency that is displayed over time.

Arya has consistently shown up and followed the program.

And I am very happy to say that she is now one of the strongest women in the gym. And although her numbers may not be that big of a deal on the national powerlifting scene; they are quite a bit more than most women are capable of.

She is now squatting 220 and deadlifting 240 for reps. Her presses are coming along more slowly, but getting stronger everyday.

Eventually I will get Arya on the platform to compete, but we are in no hurry. She has already won.

We have come along way from barely able to squat the bar. I am very proud of the lifter she has become and the example she has set.

Keep it up Super-STARya!!!

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