Maybe You Just Need to Get Stronger

A while back I did a social media post with the picture that you see above. The post asked a simple question, "what if I told you that you just need to get strong?' I am not a Matrix guy or anything, but I always chuckled at some of those memes with Laurence Fishburne. Some of them have been pretty good. And you have to have a little bit of respect for the guy who played Furious.

So yeah, I got a lot of positive feedback from that post. It was definitely one of my more popular ones I have done. Mainly because the picture is absolutely ridiculous and those that know me best understand that it was pretty funny, but it also served as a very direct way to make a point.

Those that spend time training with me in my gym understand that getting strong is important. They have all realized great benefits themselves as we have coached them along the way. They know that training is about getting under the bar. Yeah, we talk and joke during our sessions. Sure, I listen to them to hear about what they have going on. We all tell stories and have fun, but squatting, pressing, and pulling are always the main focus. That is why we are there.

I help my clients get stronger through barbell training. It has been my experience that it is one of the most important things a person can do, so I take it very seriously. It is not a hobby to me. It is not a game. I don't have people lift weights for recreation and I don't give a damn about how they look in the mirror. It is about a whole lot more than that to me. It is about changing lives, combating weakness, and overcoming adversity.

Most of the people I have worked with over the years have enjoyed tremendous benefits from barbell training. I have witnessed many life-changing transformations and have heard a great deal of positive feedback. My eyes have watched countless people go from barely being able to squat up and down with an empty bar to moving hundreds of pounds with command. It has been inspiring to watch how they all have grown through the process.

My experience has cemented into my mind an idea that getting stronger can fix many things. Obviously, it cannot fix everything, but it can fix enough stuff that more people need to start looking to it as a viable solution to some of their problems. Instead of rushing to a doctor or whining the next time you are 'tired' maybe you should try a heavy set of five.

My guess is that most people don't really need all the pills they are taking. Maybe instead of sitting on their butts watching reality tv or posting on social media all day long, people could sign up for membership at a real gym like mine and start training. And they could actually get serious results if they read a copy of Starting Strength between workouts instead of all the garbage they see online.

A person can make all the excuses they want about what is wrong in their life, but at some point you just have to ask yourself if you are strong enough. Personal responsibility is important. Strength should be a priority for everyone. The process of building strength itself is a tremendous vehicle for change. We grow through overcoming resistance, we train our ability to recover from stress, and the stronger we get the more sub-maximal the external resistance in our life becomes.

Are you strong enough? Have you done the things that you should be doing to take care of yourself or have you been trying to avoid them? Have you been looking for an easy way out? Have you been making excuses? Why don't you just make training a priority today??

Being strong isn't only about benching 405 or squatting 600. Sure those are impressive feats of strength, but strength can be displayed in a lot of different ways. Mostly through character. Strong people are able to look out for others because they have taken care of themselves. They are strong for those who are weak. Strong people don't have the time to make excuses. They are too busy making things happen.

Not everyone can be strong. Some people lose the choice through sickness or circumstance. Our loved ones die everyday. Sickness and disease exist around the world. There are accidents all the time. Heroes are wounded in battle all too often. Some of us need to consider these things before we make another excuse for not taking care of ourselves.

A lot of us are better off than we realize. Consider those who can no longer be strong. It serves as very good reminder. What would you do if you no longer had a choice?

So maybe you just need to get stronger too. I know that I do. Maybe instead of doing another silly-ass boot camp class filled with random, embarrassing exercises you should find a barbell and learn how to use it. A lot of things can be improved with barbell training. Being stronger makes life better.

Barbell training is about a lot more than most people think. Seriously, the next time you start whining about something, or about how you 'hurt,' or are 'tired,' or how your 'not feeling good' try to remember this...

Maybe you just need to get stronger.

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