Katina Borchert's Success Story

I received this email a few weeks ago from one of our clients. This kind of thing makes me happy and is exactly why Black Iron Training is in business. Katina was referred to us from her good friend Marlene Pohl, who was featured in this post. Katina suffered from some health challenges and was not in a great place physically. She was on a lot of different medications and constantly going in to visit with different doctors. Her friend Marlene told her that getting stronger may help. Katina was willing to try just about anything, so why not barbell training?

She came in and has been training 2-3 days a week running a basic barbell program. She has made great progress and has loved the experience. One night she was telling me about a recent visit to her doctor and the positive feedback she received after her last blood draw. Her doctor asked her what she had been doing. Katina told her she had been barbell training at Black Iron Training, and her doctor simply replied, 'keep it up, you are doing well!'

I asked Katina to put down her story in an email, so I wouldn't mess up the info. Here it is:

Hi, Chris! Here is my information on my recent numbers from last visit to the doctor. Thank you for all your time, guidance, and encouragement!! I can't wait to see what else happens!!!

In January my doctor had my cholesterol checked along with the normal tests. I started with Black Iron in February. As of last week my cholesterol dropped 22 points!!! I also lost 13 pounds! And I dropped two sizes!!!

I would of never guessed that I could deadlift 175 pounds!! I feel great and can't imagine my life now without Black Iron Training!! I am looking forward to seeing what happens to my body as I continue.

Thank you Chris, Spencer, and Matt for all of your encouragement and great training!! Also I have to thank Marlene for introducing me to you!!

Yeah, so that's pretty cool. Nice work Katina!!! We are excited to see you continue getting stronger and inspiring others!!!

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