Lean and Ripped in 30 Days

Well, I got another one of the fitness marketing emails today. The title of this one was, 'How to Get Lean and Ripped in Just 30 Days.' I am actually surprised they didn't add in something about it only taking 30 minutes a day for good measure. The fitness world is always filled with this kind of garbage. It is very sad that people actually fall for this kind of nonsense. They probably don't really believe these advertisements, but they want to. Obviously, someone is buying the products and programs or we wouldn't keep seeing these kind of ads still popping up everywhere.

I am sorry, but I am here to tell you that you cannot get lean and ripped in 30 days unless you are already pretty lean and ripped. You just can't. At least not in the good, old-fashioned, wholesome way. Trust me, I know. I am a professional and I have tried every single thing you can imagine.

Anyone telling you differently is lying to you. They are lying to you because they assume that you are weak and that you believe that the impossible is actually possible. They know that you will buy what they are selling. So don't be weak and quit listening to them. Don't waste anymore of your time or money on their products. Training is not that easy. Results take longer than 30 days, and getting lean and ripped should not be your first priority.

One day I will write an article or a book and title it, 'How to Get Strong and Fit in 30 Years.' I will just write it for my own personal fulfillment because it won't sell that well. Nobody is interested in the cold, hard facts about how these things actually work and very few people will put in the work that is involved in such a project. Everyone just wants to buy a miracle pill or is looking for some quick fix. Too bad these things don't exist. Training doesn't work that way. Success takes time.

Quit thinking that you can just wait to get started and one day when you do all of your problems will go away.The choices that you make day in and day out over the course of your LIFETIME will determine your level of fitness. You can't fake it.

It takes a long time to put all of the pieces of fitness together. Hence, my 30 year estimate. When you start your next training program try thinking in terms of what you can do over the next 30 years rather than in the next 30 days. 30 days is nothing. Sure you can get stronger in 30 days, you can burn fat in 30 days, and you can get in better shape in 30 days. But real strength and real fitness cannot be built in 30 days. Those things take a lifetime to achieve, and there is no finish line that you cross.

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