A Black Iron Success Story, Jordan Kussmaul

Jordan Kussmaul is a pretty athletic kid from a small-town just outside Lansing, MI. His whole family has trained at my gym over the last few years, and they had all mentioned that Jordan was quite an athlete and needed to get in to work with me. I was looking forward to seeing what he could do with the Starting Strength Program. As a Starting Strength Coach it is always exciting to get to work with a prospect who is the perfect age to start training. More often than not I am working with older folks who are dealing with different ailments and are not able to prioritize barbell training like they should. It is frustrating, but very much part of the deal when working as a professional coach. Everyone can benefit from barbell training, but athletes in their prime definitely enjoy the most progress.

Jordan was a decorated high school athlete in football, basketball, and track. We were able to starting training a little between his junior and senior year, but there was not enough time to get serious because of his hectic schedule as a multi-sport athlete. During the little time we did have I taught him how to do each lift and started running a novice linear progression. Our training was cut short due to football practice and training camp, but he made a little progress and got stronger. It was enough to earn him all-area and a few college scholarship offers.