Lifting Heavy to Fight Fat

First of all, this article is not about how to get abs. I have no idea how that is done, but I do have a lot of experience fighting against fat. So I am going to share an important idea of mine to hopefully help a few of the people who are fighting the same kind of fight. Being fat has always been a big problem of mine and it is something that I have had to deal with more than most people can imagine. I am pretty sure that most heavy set people don't care about being heavier set, but not me. It drives me crazy.

Throughout my life I have tried many different ways to combat the problem. I have done just about every form of exercise you can imagine and an assortment of different diets. My fight has been one constant struggle after another. All of it has been very hard. No matter what I have done it never seemed to be enough. Even when I start to make progress in one area it seems like some other challenge pops up. Trying to find the balance in this battle has been nearly impossible.

Many of my attempts to win my fight against fat have failed. Years ago I did have some success losing a lot of weight the old fashioned way. By running miles everyday and eating like a bird at one point I lost almost 100 pounds of body weight. However, after completing an ultramarathon I realized that being skinny and weak wasn't all it is cracked up to be. Skinny is not as cool as it might seem. At least it wasn't for me. I had become very weak and frail. Even though I could run for hours on end my body started to break down. I was only 27 years old and I knew there had to be more to the story.

The best thing I have done in my fight is starting to lift heavy. I have been lifting for years, but it was only about five years ago that I really figured out what I was doing. Like most people I wasted years doing foolish things in the weight room instead of simply adding plates to the bar. Instead of focusing on the big, compound lifts I spent my time doing silly, little isolation movements. Luckily for me I learned that I needed to train heavy on the big barbell movements instead of doing endless reps with light weights. Once I started following a sensible program and taking my training more seriously I almost immediately began noticing results.

Getting strong has helped me build a foundation not only physically, but mentally as well. When you start lifting heavy you force yourself to grow as a person, and I was able to change myself from being soft and weak to strong and solid. It has made a huge difference in everything I do.

Training heavy is challenging. A lot of discipline and mental toughness is required. Surviving a good barbell program requires learning how to train around injuries, illness, and fatigue. You also need to learn how to quiet that little voice in your head that tells you to stop. In order to get strong you have to show up to the gym every session and do what it takes to get the job done. It isn't always pretty, but you learn how to put in work. A great deal of character is built from this process and it can help quite a bit in a fight against fat.

The trick is to make a lasting change on your body composition and that only happens when you train heavy. Hard training, specifically heavy barbell work, forces the body to adapt in plenty of favorable ways. The adaptation process occurs slowly, but small almost unnoticeable changes start happening immediately when you start training heavy and over time they really add up. Soft flabbiness is slowly replaced with strong muscle, and as you build more muscle your body begins burning more calories at rest. These changes can eventually lead to quite a transformation.

Start lifting heavy. Every heavy training session you put in is another step towards a leaner, more muscular body. More importantly, it is another step towards strength and strength is the foundation of physical capability. The value of strength cannot be overstated. There is nothing quite like a steady program of progressively overloaded barbell training.

Of course there is a lot more to the puzzle of fighting against fat than lifting heavy weights. Many, many factors go into this battle. Lifestyle, diet, mental attitude, and discipline must all be addressed. No matter how much you lift if you constantly eat and drink like a glutton you will always struggle against fat, but as you get stronger you gain the discipline to fight back against these kinds of behaviors.

The process of fighting against fat never really ends. It is just one small battle after another. These battles start to beat you up and make you want to quit. But giving up is not an option. Not if you want to be able to look yourself in the mirror anyway. You have to keep fighting. A foundation of strength can help with this.

If you are interested in fighting against fat, give lifting heavy a try. It is the best place to get started.

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