The Tortoise and the Hare

One of my favorite fables is the one about the Tortoise and the Hare. You know the story. One day a gym owner gets two inquiries from prospective clients. He meets with them and explains his program. After hearing what he has to say they both agree to give it a try. One of them was a Tortoise and the other was a Hare.

So on the first day the gym owner teaches them both how to squat, press, bench, and deadlift. He tells them they will learn how to power clean in a few weeks. After teaching them both how to perform each lift the gym owner explains to them that it is important that they save a few reps in the tank early on in the process. This is to ensure that the training stress they experience during each session is appropriate for their level of development. The Hare laughs at this and suggests that he should probably just go to failure. The gym owner just simply repeats his previous statement. The Tortoise quietly listened and paid close attention.

The program that the gym owner taught his new clients was basic and rather straightforward. On day one they did the squat, press, and deadlift, and on day two they did the squat, bench, and deadlift. Right away the Hare objects to this and asks why they are only doing three lifts. The gym owner calmly told him not to worry and that it would be plenty enough work to get them both stronger. He went on to say that if they wanted to do more than they could add in a few sets of chin ups. The Tortoise was again listening carefully. He even wrote a few things into his notebook this time. The Hare asked why chin ups were suggested instead of wide-grip pull ups. The gym owner just walked away without responding.

On the first day the Hare did 145 pounds on the squat with mediocre form, pressed 85 pounds, and deadlifted 175 pounds with a rounded back. The gym owner tried to help the Hare work on his form, but he didn't want to listen. He was more worried about the weight on the bar. The gym owner was not impressed and was quickly losing patience.

The Tortoise had a slower start. He was focused on learning how to do each lift correctly, so he took advantage of the opportunity of having a professional coach look at his mechanics. He could have done more the first day, but he was not in a hurry. The Tortoise did not pretend to know it all. He did a modest 115 pounds on the squat with good low-bar mechanics and sufficient hip drive. He also started figuring out the timing on the Press movement and did a respectable 75 pounds. The Tortoise deadlifted a little less than the Hare, but he did it with a flat back. And the bar stayed on his shins because he listened to the five steps of deadlifting success the gym owner told him about.

Everyone knows how the rest of the story goes. The Hare kept adding plates to the bar without really worrying too much about his technique and was rather cocky about it. He never listened to the gym owner when he was offered advice about his lifting technique. Instead of reading the articles that were suggested to help address the issues he was having he would instead go home to watch you tube videos of his favorite internet fitness celebrities. When he asked the gym owner why they were not using chains yet he was told that he needed to be able to pull 225 with a flat back first.