The Women of Black Iron

For years I have half-jokingly told many of my members that I was planning on making Black Iron a women's only club. This is for good reason. At any given time at least half of my gym membership is comprised of females and there have been plenty of stretches of time this number has been closer to 75 percent. And quite frankly, I enjoy coaching women. They are fun to work with.

Women having an instinctive need to get strong just like men do. It is natural as a human to want to be stronger. Even though it doesn't always seem like it, we are designed to be strong and hard working both men and women. So it makes sense that I get a lot of inquiries from women.

I have learned that women love to get strong. Honestly, I had no idea when I was first starting out what a big deal strength is for women, but the last several years have taught me that it definitely is. It has been amazing to watch the determination and commitment to training of my female clientele. They all show up, pay close attention to what I have to say, and quietly go about adding weights to the bar. And a lot of my soccer moms out work my high school athletes.

Over the past few years I have developed a band of women who train hard week in and week out. Yes, they all have their ups and downs of life due to busy work, school, and family schedules. They get sick and hurt every once in a while, but they always come back. By and large they are my most dedicated members.

I was starting to call them the Barbelles. To be honest I do not love that name, but I wanted to call them something because they are awesome. My goal is to build a gym with plenty of strong and powerful women walking around and the Barbelles have help set the standard very nicely.

There is a big misconception that still unfortunately exists in the world today. It is that lifting weights is only for guys. This is terribly wrong. I know there are women who would like to give training at my gym a try, but they are scared at what people might say about it. A lot of women are missing out on one of the best things they could be doing because of these wretched lies.

Lifting is not just for men.

Women should be working on getting stronger. Those that do all benefit a great deal from it. My lady lifters come in all shapes and sizes. And they are all beautiful. They enjoy training and look forward to the challenge of lifting progressively heavy weights. When they have a target to hit they do whatever it takes to make sure it happens.

When a woman gets stronger she looks stronger and has more confidence. And that is kind of sexy.

But of course it is a lot more than that.

My girls are all bad-asses. They work hard and take care of themselves. All of them have solid careers and family lives. It is almost as if the same kinds of things they need to do to succeed in the gym also help make them better in the their personal lives. And don't even get me going on what kind of workers these women are. I know from how they approach their training that they are the ones in their office getting stuff done.

This of course makes me very proud.

Yes, strength is as important for women as it is for men. I have watched firsthand what kind of difference a steady diet of barbell training does for a woman. Women who start out frail and timid grow to be strong and assured. A tremendous level of confidence is built as strength increases. Doing things that are hard has a very positive impact on a person's personality. It is very interesting to watch what happens to a woman who can barely squat the bar when she is starting out go on to squat a few hundred pounds.

Ladies, do yourself a favor and start lifting. Quit doing all the foolish starvation diets and endless cycles of circuit training. And I would suggest you stop running unless you really like doing it. Start eating better and lifting more. Pay more attention to taking care of yourself instead of always just worrying about everyone else.

Join a gym like mine and find a group of like-minded Barbelles who will help you get started today. You will be more than pleased with the results.

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